The Lion’s Pride: Understanding Leo

As we navigate through the remainder of Leo season, I think it’s important to note Leo’s famous pride. Some people think of Leo’s pride as a benefit as something that gives them a warmth and confidence that sets them apart from the rest while there are others who consider Leo’s pride as a detriment that keeps them from being able to relate to others in a balanced manner. No matter what your perception is of Leo’s pride, it is important to note that pride is a significant part of Leo’s character.

The Pride of the Jungle: Leo the Lion
Before we delve into what Leo’s pride is, it’s important to know what a pride is in relation to Leo’s ruling symbol, the lion. In the animal kingdom, a pride is a group of lions, usually females and their young. In many ways, the pride is the social organization for a group of ions. It’s important to note that lions are actually one of the only felines that actually travel and live in groups. So, while Leo is known for being set aside from the rest, there still is a desire to be associated with others that they consider to be their select few.

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