Astrology Reveals How You Behave When You Are Sick


Cold and flu season is here, and we all know how miserable we can be when we are sick. From runny noses and sore throats to body aches and pains, dealing with sickness can be bothersome and for some, an unwelcome setback. For some consideration, we compiled an overview of how each zodiac sign behaves when they are under the weather. If you want a comprehensive view of how you act when you are sick, make sure to check out your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Aries-Angry Sick
Aries, being sick is an annoyance to you. In fact, it may make you downright angry. As a cardinal, forward-moving sign, you just want to be on the go doing your own thing. So, having to slow down and stay put simply because you’re sick makes you quite agitated. The perfect analogy of a sick Aries is the fussy baby with a fever. However, as soon as you feel better you quickly get back to being your independent, forward-moving self.

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