Exploring Earth Sign Energy

The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the anchors of the zodiac. These signs are called to make practical use of this experience. Earth energy is deeply rooted and seeks to build a firm, stable foundation that promotes success in the physical realm. Everyone, no matter their sign, can benefit from learning more about the grounding, rooted energy of the earth signs as they are signs that truly understand the importance of manifesting in the material realm.

The Earth Signs & Grounding
Earth sign energy is reminiscent of a tree with strong roots. People are able to flourish when they have strong roots…just like trees. Earth energy reminds us that our foundations play an essential role in our development. In following the zodiac, in Aries, we are born, but in Taurus, the first earth sign, we put down our roots. This can be equated to leaving the hospital as a baby and going to the first foundation we experience…our homes. In these homes, we are provided with our basic needs-food, clothing, and shelter. With Virgo, we are tending to the seeds that were planted in the foundation so that we can eventually have a good harvest. Virgo reminds us that we are here to do something with this experience. We are here to be of service in some way. The final earth sign, Capricorn, focuses on being fully accountable for its experience by creating and following through with plans knowing that all achievements are earned.

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