Exploring the Depths of Scorpio

Scorpio is known for its deep intensity and extremity. This is a sign that has the birthright of understanding the complexities of life on a profound level. Skimming the surface of life is something Scorpio just can’t do. This is a sign that they must dive into the depths of themselves and others in order to acquire the understanding that allows them to evolve. While Scorpios can have a bad reputation for just being who they are, being ruled by Pluto and Mars is no easy feat. Let’s explore the journey of deep diving in the shadows of transformative Scorpio.

Scorpio: Still Waters Run Deep

Scorpio has a special place in the zodiac for being the strong silent type. They are never the type to reveal their cards. They understand that much can be gained by observing. Scorpio possesses the energy of still waters running deep where they appear to be unemotional and stoic. However, if you remember that Scorpio is a water sign, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

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