The Stealth Mind with Mercury in Scorpio

On November 6th or November 7th to November 23rd, depending on your location, the planning of communication moves into the stealth, mysterious sign of Scorpio. Over the next month, we learned the importance of silence and the art of using communication only when needed. Scorpio is not the most chatty sign. They obtain most of their information through intense observation. It is through this quiet but honed focus that Mercury in Scorpio collects and uses information to its advantage.

The Scorpio Mind

In astrology, Mercury rules the mind, perspective, and communication. When Mercury transits through the sign of Scorpio, the mind deepens. The intellect is sharp, keen, and centered on shifting through that which is untrue and inauthentic. Some call Mercury in Scorpio the “x-ray mind” as there is an orientation towards penetrating thoughts. During this transit, it is important to make the space reflect deeply on anything that comes our way at this time. The Mercury in Scorpio transit is also excellent for any type of research-oriented activity and detective work. So, if you’ve been trying to get to the bottom of mysteries or looking to uncover hidden information, this Mercury in Scorpio transit can assist.

Silence is Better

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