Moving Ahead with Mercury Direct in Gemini


On June 22nd at 6:00 p.m. EST, Mercury will finally move direct in the sign of Gemini after spending three weeks retracing its initial steps. This Mercury retrograde has been an interesting one…especially since this Mercury retrograde featured air sign energy, Gemini, making communication that much more confusing. On top of this, retrograde Mercury made several stressful aspects to planets in Pisces making anything related to communication and facts even more confusing. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that Mercury is finally moving direct. Now, we can get to using this amplified Gemini energy to effectively collect information and use it to our advantage.

Mercury in Gemini Goes Direct
With Mercury moving direct in Gemini, there is an opportunity to move forward with communications of all sorts, but it is still important to bring the information that was gained during the retrograde with us. We all got through the second Mercury retrograde of 2021, and our lives didn’t totally fall apart…hopefully. However, even if there were some major or minor hiccups in communication and travel during Mercury slide backward, it gave us the space to consider what adjustments could be made so that when Mercury moves direct when can implement adjustments accordingly.

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