Daydreaming with Sun and Neptune in Pisces

On March 13, 2022, and several days thereafter, the Sun in Pisces meets up with transiting Neptune in Pisces, and this energy is perfect for taking a chill pill. Pisces energy is generally quite go with the flow, and that the vibe with this heightened, accented Pisces energy. There are times when it’s more than okay to fall back and just relax. This is the time. Read on to find out how to embrace the energy of Sun and Neptune joining together in the mystical sign of Pisces.

Go With the Flow

With the Sun and Neptune conjunction in the sign of Pisces, this is the energy of going with the flow. Pisces/Neptune energy is mutable by nature making it incredibly adaptable. So, now is a great time to feel out your environment and not press too much. Pisces energy does best by going with the flow and matching the energy of their locale. Seek environments that allow you to be at ease, and swim away from anything and anyone that causes energetic disturbances.

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