Let’s Celebrate Aquarius…The Zodiac’s Rebel


On January 20th the sun moves into the innovative, progressive sign of Aquarius. For the next thirty days, we are encouraged to embrace with makes us unique and also honor this uniqueness in others. This is an excellent time to develop the ability to think outside the box while remaining open-minded. We also may feel more compelled to embrace our rebellious side which will allow us to identify trends and possibilities for advancement well ahead of everyone else. If nothing else, this transit of Aquarius teaches us the importance of honoring the differences among us while still remembering that we are all a part of the greater collective that is humanity.

Aquarius Energy All Month Long
Under Aquarius energy, we are encouraged to adopt a logical, mental approach that allows us to see ourselves and the world in a different light. One of the benefits of Aquarius energy is its ability to understand that while we are all connected, we are also different in our own way. Aquarius’ ruler Uranus is the only planet that orbits differently from all the other planets in the solar system. While Uranus is a planet, its ability to move differently from all the other planets is something that makes it different but still very much part of the solar system.

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