Neptune & its Connection to Mental Illness

There are specific health conditions that can be determined by what is known as medical astrology. The 12th house has a very interesting place in medical astrology as it rules over mental illness. The 12th house is governed by the sign of Pisces and its ruler Neptune. While Pisces energy is deeply connected with spirit, at its worst, Neptunian energy can be very nebulous and hard to understand. Likewise, in relation to medical astrology, Neptunian energy is also indicative of a lack of boundaries which can result in the experience of mental illness in the form of hallucinations, illusions, and delusions. Read on to learn more about the position of the 12th house and its relation to mental illness in astrology.

Pisces/Neptune/12th House & Mental Illness

Why is there a connection between Pisces, its ruler Neptune, and the 12th house? Well, Neptune energy is very nebulous and undefined. This particular energy also rules that which cannot be seen. There are some individuals that experience mental illness who have a variety of sensory experiences which can include hearing voices and seeing people, places, and things that others cannot. While the ability to perceive that which is not seen by most is perceived differently under certain circumstances, in the mental health field, individuals that have such experiences are often perceived to have a perception that varies from what is considered the norm. It is when these extrasensory experiences begin to disrupt the lives of those who have them that they are considered to have a mental illness.

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