Pisces & Getting Away from It All


Ruled by the sign Neptune, Pisces is a very ethereal, all-encompassing energy. With Pisces, there is this lack of boundaries that allows it to transcend its physical embodiment. Because Pisces energy is connected to everything, there is a sensitivity to vibrations within an environment. It is for this reason, the Pisces energy usually needs a substantial amount of downtime in order to function. The following is an overview of why Pisces sometimes needs to getaway. While many people may think the Pisces are ghosting them, and this may be the case at times, oftentimes Pisces just needs space in order to connect with the self.

Pisces & Isolation
The sign of Pisces and the 12th house is relegated to isolation. It is important to know that there are different ways that an individual can become isolated. Some people choose isolation by becoming a hermit or removing themselves from society. To offer an additional perspective on isolation and the 12th house, in comparison the 11th house and Aquarius represent society. Thus, Pisces is the last sign represents removing itself from society. While some forms of isolation are self-inflicted, other ways that Neptunian and/or 12th house energy can show up in the form of isolation include being relegated to institutions that remove an individual from society such as asylums and prisons and working within hospitals.

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