Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods–And Your Life

Mercury, or Hermes as he is known in the Greek pantheon, is the fleet-footed transmitter of important information around Mount Olympus. Because of this symbology, he is also the astrological and planetary representative of information–including all things technological (Aquarius also has a connection with technology, but it is more akin to the progress of innovation than to the information that innovation transmits). Research, analysis, and the communication of information as well as news are ruled by Mercury, as is the third house, ruled by Gemini.

The now-infamous Mercury retrograde, when Mercury’s orbit appears to go backward through the zodiac, is known as a harbinger of doom when it comes to travel, big financial decisions, and communication–including relationships. So it bears mentioning that communication is not always a matter of fact; sometimes it is a matter of feeling. Being able to communicate what you’re feeling (as well as your understanding of what they’re feeling) to those close to you is also something that Mercury is involved in, alongside Venus in the signs of Libra and Taurus as well as Gemini. But Mercury by itself is not necessarily relationship oriented–and when he pairs up with another planet, the nature of the communication will be colored by the archetype of that planet.

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