Birthday Greetings for Aquarius


The sun will officially move into the sign of Aquarius on January 19, 2021 ushering in a month of innovative, original, rebellious energy. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius teaches us that it is okay for us to be a little different and march to the beat of our own drum. It is said that Aquarius loves humanity but doesn’t necessarily love people.

This saying is attributed to the fact that Aquarius is often the friendly loner that is often perceived as being detached and aloof. As an air sign being in the “head” is quite true for Aquarius as it allows for the neutrality that allows them to process information as well as easily free themselves from that which suppresses freedom. So, let’s give it up for Aquarius, the original innovator that is willing to risk everything in order to live free and authentic. May this Aquarius season inspire us all to march to the beat of our drum and be unapologetically ourselves.

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