On April 20 Vesta Goes Direct In Virgo, Inspiring All Signs To Embrace Change


Although classified as a dwarf planet, Vesta orbits within the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. In ancient times Vesta was the goddess of the hearth & home, as well as the projects and aspirations you pursue; additionally, she represents the sacred feminine aspect of creativity, renewal, and evolution of the self. When Vesta goes direct in conscientious Virgo on April 20, all the sun signs will feel her presence in uniquely different ways.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You’re seldom short on brilliant ideas, but often lack the diplomacy to execute them in a partnership or group setting. Blame it on the cosmic ram’s fiery temper or impatience with the agonizingly slow pace of others; Aries just can’t shake the belief that if they want something done right, they may as well do it themselves. Right now you have a solid, potentially successful plan in the works, but you need the help and expertise of others to carry it out.

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