How To Find Your Way Without A Compass


The starry skies are a constant in our lives, inviting us to both lose our selves in their depth and secrets and to make sense of all the mysteries that they present to us in our lives. Life can throw us a variety of curve balls and leave us lost in both a physical and spiritual sense. For example, imagine that you are on a camping trip and find that you are lost outdoors without a compass to guide you, and any mobile app that you may have on your phone is currently stuck behind a low charge on your battery.

The night sky holds more than just the tools to guide us through our Horoscope and we struggle to make sense of our unique experiences. The sky above can help you to orient yourself and find your way after you’ve lost it. Perhaps the simplest way is to look to the moon. Typically, our lovely natural satellite follows the same path that the sun does, rising in the east and setting in the west. If you look to the sky, you should be able to hazard a solid guess of which direction is which by the angle of the moonlight.

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