Slamming on the Breaks In Gemini: Mars Goes Retrograde for Its Last Stop of the Year

It’s not just the cold weather making you feel sluggish! Mars is headed retrograde from October 30th until March 2023, taking our energy with it. Making things worse, the planet is passing through Gemini until mid-January, bringing us flashbacks to Mercury’s retrograde as the transit impacts our communication.

While this slowdown can be frustrating, it’s also a helpful reminder to take things slow, making time for rest and social events as we move into the holiday season. For many signs, this means setting boundaries at work, or in your personal life, as others try to push their overflowing plates onto yours. However, each zodiac sign will feel the pressure a little differently. To understand how this retrograde will affect you, check your horoscope below!

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

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