Venus in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius: Social Cues, Modern Ritual, and Online Activism

Today’s planetary alignments bring forward a heightened awareness of the social behavior of our collective groups, using the communicative power of Gemini and the stabilizing humanitarianism of Aquarius to refresh our ideas of progress, leadership, and our day to day interactions.

Venus in Gemini: Social Butterflies and Clever Courtship

Think about the practices of courtly love in the Arthurian-romance obsessed Victorian times, or the many signs and subtexts of social practice in the court of Versailles. Everything was communicated, but nothing was said directly. Think about this during this time of Venus in Gemini. Look for the signs, the non-verbal clues, and the cues that have become our own ‘courtly’ rituals in the present. How do we interact with other on social media? What are the practices that everyone accepts–when to interact with people’s stories, for example, or how to signal to someone through likes that you want to start a conversation? These are our social practices that historians will study someday, and compare them to the Victorian practice of dropping a handkerchief or wearing one glove if you’re single and interested.

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