Fourth of July Astrology Reading


General Astro Overview for July 4th, 2021

Independence Day is among us in the United States and whether you celebrate or not, this long weekend has some interesting energy to navigate. The sun is currently transiting Cancer until the end of July. July 4th features a Taurus moon that is receiving several aspects as well as the Sun in Cancer making a tense aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Due to the moon’s influence, this July 4th is going to be quite emotional. Continue to read on to find out more about how to effectively navigate this energy.

Moon Square Venus

With the Moon in Taurus square Venus in Leo, it appears that there is a clash between our innate emotional needs and our wants. The Moon in Taurus seeks what is concrete, grounded, and stable while Venus in Leo wants to enjoy the best that life has to offer no matter the price. There is a clash here between security needs and wants. Try to find a way to make sure that your grounded security needs are met (Moon in Taurus) while also getting to partake in some luxuries. For example, let’s say you really want a designer handbag that is just to die for (Venus in Leo), but you know deep down that it simply isn’t practical to purchase it because of the price (Moon in Taurus). Perhaps you can reconcile your designer wants (Leo in Venus) with your need for financial security and practicality (Moon in Taurus) by making a compromise and purchasing a designer handbag at a discounted price. In this way, you can fulfill your moon’s need for practical security while meeting your luxurious wants.

Moon Square Saturn

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