It’s Over!: How the Zodiac Signs Handle a Breakup

As much as we may want to believe that relationships are forever, the truth is, breakups are a part of life. In order to navigate the end of a relationship efficiently, it is important to know how we respond to breakups. The following is an overview of ways that people handle breakups by astrology signs.

The Fire Signs

The fire signs are passionate about everything, even love. When they experience a breakup, they are likely to respond emphatically to a breakup….but in different ways. The Mars-ruled Aries may get angry if a breakup is not on their terms. There could even be arguments that could get quite heated as Aries separates from their former partner. Although Aries angers quickly, they are just quick to simmer down. Aries being the fire sign that it is, will eventually feel the urge to move forward…especially if they see that the ex-partner has moved on. All of a sudden finding a new love interest is a competition. Aries are cautioned to avoid the infamous rebound….which could end up costing them my heartache and in some cases headaches in the end.

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