The Cunning Player with Mars in Scorpio

Starting October 29, 2021, and for the next two months the planet of action, Mars, will transit Scorpio. With Mars as the co-ruler of Scorpio, this is expected to be an intensely probing period where taking calculated, strategic movements are highly favored. Since Mars represents pour motivations and desires, the Mars/Pluto influence of Scorpio is likely to increase sexual desire…but only the deep and penetrative need apply.

The Mars in Scorpio Experience

Mars in Scorpio is concentrated, intense energy that seeks power and control, but not in the usual forward presenting manner that Mars is known for. In Scorpio, Mars is more hidden and covert about its actions and intentions. With Mars intentions are important and in the sign of Scorpio the aim is to get to where we want to be without being noticed. Scorpio is well aware that not being seen offers the opportunity to suss out the who, what, when, where, why, and hows of their intended target. And yes…Mars in Scorpio has a target. If you look closely at the astrological glyph Scorpio, it appears as an “M” with an upwards arrow. Just like Scorpio’s stinger, Mars in Scorpio is purposeful when it comes to taking action, and it knows where its energy is being directed.

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