Cosmic Spring Cleaning and the Astrological Forecast for April

We start the month in Aries, the sign that brings new beginnings as it marks the official start of the zodiac year. This is a time to do some spiritual and emotional spring cleaning and keep only what you want going forward. On the 19th, the Sun moves into Taurus, grounding that fire Aries started in our bellies. Like the bull, mosey on slow and steady towards what you desire. This earthy energy will help focus ideas into more practical, solid plans.

But sometimes even bulls get frisky and frolic under a starry sky. And what a sky to frolic under! All of the planets are direct (that means no retrogrades) until the end of April. Until the 27th, we all have open avenues ahead without roadblocks, construction, or rush hour traffic. Where do you want to go?

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