Reality Checks with Neptune Goes Retrograde

From June 28th to December 3rd, we are about to get a reality check both personally and collectively as Neptune, the planet of mystery, spirituality, illusions, and delusions turns retrograde. Neptune retrograde is very interesting because it’s the one time where a planet going backward gives us the benefit of clarity. With this Neptune transit, we will get a dose of reality that moves us away from perceptions that are tinged with fantasy so that we can be honest about who and what we’re dealing with.

Neptune Gets a Dose of Reality

Neptune is associated with spirituality, mysticism, dreams, and anything abstract. Because of the nebulous nature of Neptune, it can be difficult to really pin down what something or someone is. Neptune is also one of the gas planets making it one of the most confusing to understand. In general, there’s just something very elusive and untouchable about Neptune that is both attractive yet confusing.

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