Universal Love with Venus in Pisces


Venus, the planet of love and relationships, will be transiting the sign of unconditional love and surrender, Pisces, from February 25th to March 21st. When Venus meets up with Pisces you can expect love to reach a higher, mystical, ethereal level. Love goes beyond the physical, and there is a desire to melt into the other where there are no boundaries between the self and the other. This is a pretty high stakes placement for Venus, as the sign of Pisces is at its best, also known as exaltation, in this placement. While many of us have our ideas about what love truly is, the Venus in Pisces transit shows us what love can be at its highest potential. This is the type of transit that shows us unconditional love is possible. It is a time where we can become aware of the pitfalls associated with deception in love from others and ourselves as well as seeking out other people in order to escape from ourselves. It is with much hope that we will all learn the importance of being able to love deeply and compassionately as Venus moves through the sign of Pisces.

Venus in Pisces Energy
In order to really make the most of the Venus in Pisces transit, it’s important to understand the basics of the Venus in Pisces placement. When Venus meets up with Pisces, love becomes an ideal experience. It’s as if the love partner is exalted to an exceptional spiritual level. The best way to put this is by putting your lover on a spiritual pedestal. While this may sound incredibly enamoring, it can also be a bit deceptive because no person is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and placing people on pedestals means that when their flaws are shown (and they will be), there is usually an element of disappointment associated with the expectation that came from the Piscean idealization. Pisces energy has the tendency to live from its imagination, and while this can be amazing for romance, it does not pan out on the physical, practical level.

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