Does Your Sign Make the Most Stubborn List?


We all know someone who never seems to want to budge. They just dig in their heels and don’t even consider any outside opinions or suggestions. In fact, maybe this sounds sort of like you! Well, there are some individuals who are a bit more stubborn than others. They just like being the author of their own experiences, and they aren’t really up for people interfering with their flow. The following are some of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. Keep reading to find out if your sign has made the list!

Coming in as the number one as the most stubborn zodiac sign is none other than Taurus, the bull. Taurus, you already know that you are stubborn. Perhaps you even revel in it! As the fixed earth sign, Taurus’ stubbornness is related to its desire to build strong foundations. When you think about the earth element and the security that’s involved with being on solid ground, that’s the energy of Taurus. This is the zodiac sign that understands that it’s very hard to enjoy the fullness of the physical experience if we don’t have something solid to rely on. So, Taurus orients itself toward building a strong foundation so that it can kick back and enjoy its senses to the fullest!

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