Exploring the Freedom of Turning 21 Astro-Style


Did you know that there is an astrology associated with turning 21? In some cultures such as in the United States, there are specific ages that are very important and 21 just so happens to be one of them. The age of 21 in some cultures such as the United States marks the beginning of adulthood. While astrologically adulthood is represented by the Saturn Return that occurs between the ages of 28-30, socially in some cultures the age of 21 signifies adulthood. Thus, it is interesting that the social introduction to adulthood at the age of 21 also aligns with the first Uranus Square which is represented by the desire to break free from predisposed expectations from parents, guardians, and even society. Keep reading to find out more about the connection between the first Uranus Square and the age of 21.

The Astrology of Turning 21
In some cultures, such as in the United States, the age of 21 represents freedom. While the age of 18 may afford people some graces of adulthood, the age of 21 is considered the age where any remaining adult privileges are finally received. This is especially the case in the United States where the age of 21 marks the ability to finally enjoy alcoholic beverages legally. This is also the period where young adults venture out into the world to find out what they would like to do with themselves. Some choose to go to university. Others may decide to start a trade. Some may choose to travel and simply explore the world while learning more about the self.

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