The Traditional Thinker with Mercury in Taurus


From April 19th to May 3rd the planet of communication, Mercury, is transiting the stable, solid, fixed sign of Taurus. Our thinking slows down and becomes more grounded and reliable. When we think and communicate at this time, it is with great intention. Now is a great time to carefully consider your path forward with the conscious, grounded energy of Mercury in Taurus.

Practical Thinking with Mercury Taurus
It pays to be practical, and Mercury in Taurus slows the thinking and communicative faculty down from its swift movement in Aries to allow this to happen. As an earth sign, Taurus moves takes its time to build a steady foundation. With Mercury added to the mix, consider being very mindful of what you say. This is a position where common sense reigns supreme. Given that Taurus rules the five senses, there could be much focus on processing sensory stimuli (sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch). Also, in order to really indulge the senses, Mercury in Taurus energy is not likely to multitask as that takes away from the full enjoyment of the senses. Taking things slowly, one at a time is the best way to harness and utilize this energy fully.

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