Speaking Your Mind With Mercury in Aries

Over the next three weeks, our communication is fiery and bold as Mercury transits Aries from March 18th to April 13th. For many, this is a much-needed break from the nebulous, uncertain energies of Mercury in Pisces. If you’ve been feeling like your head is in the clouds or you just can’t find the right words to say, that’s over. Mercury in Aries gives us a boost of energy when it comes to everything communication, messages, short-term travel, and perspectives. It’s just important to be careful with your words as the forward, direct nature of Aries has you ready to get your point across…even if it offends others.

Bold, Direct Communication

If you’re the type of person that likes people to just get to the point, you’re gonna love this Mercury in Aries transit! No more beating around the bush. If you and others have something to say, it is definitely being said under this energy. Aries doesn’t know how to fake the funk. They just know that they have something to say, and they want to say it, and this Mercury in Aries transit gives you the opportunity to express yourself boldly and directly. For those who appreciate people who are to the point, this Mercury in Aries transit is a much-welcome shift in energy. For those who are put off by the direct style of Aries, you may think that others are coming off as a bit harsh and aggressive.

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