Laying a New Foundation with the New Moon in Taurus

On May 11th there is a new moon in Taurus ushering in new energy that is grounded in reality. This new moon is perfect for finally setting those new intentions that will allow us to lay a new solid foundation. The only thing is we will have to be patient with the results as Taurus takes its time building its foundation so that it can have a safe, solid place to enjoy all of the simple pleasures of life.

In Touch with the Body

With this new moon in Taurus, it is important to consider our own relationship with our bodies. The best way to do this is to explore the five senses. Taurus energy understands the importance of being in the body. While we are born in the sign of Aries, it is in the sign of Taurus that we “sink into” our bodies. How do we feel about our bodies? Do we see our bodies as beautiful or are there issues that we need to work on in regards to body awareness and self-acceptance? With the new moon energy combined with Taurus, this is an excellent time to perform a new moon body ritual that includes a bath filled with herbs and essential oils. Once you’re finished taking a positive body-centered bath filled with positive affirmations, enjoy a delicious meal that entices your taste buds, and don’t skip on the decadent dessert! Taurus enjoys being in the body through its senses, and this new moon offers us the opportunity to really consider how connected or unconnected we are with our own bodies so that we can begin creating solid plans to care for ourselves.

Our Relationship with Money & Things

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