How to Make the Best of the North Node in Gemini Transit

How to Maximize the North Node in Gemini Transit From May 5, 2020, to January 18, 2022, the transiting north node will be moving through the loquacious and ever curious sign of Gemini. Simultaneously, the south node will be trekking through the sign of Sagittarius. Get ready to be open to lots of new ideas and information and receiving opportunities that take you beyond what you currently know and have experienced.

The North Node Transits Gemini
Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is forever inquisitive and always interested in learning more. This sign is always ready to take in new information and learn new things. So, this is the energy to embrace during this north node transit. Too often we get stuck in our way of thinking, and this can keep us from embracing new insights and opportunities that could potentially expand our life experiences. The Sagittarius south node has tons of wisdom and experience, but there are times when knowing a lot can keep us from learning fresh new ideas that could broaden our perspectives. Thus, the key to making the most of the Gemini North Node transit is the willingness to be open to new information. Even the most experienced and wisest among us can learn more by being open.

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