The Agile Mind when Mercury visits Gemini

From May 3rd to July 11th, Mercury, the planet of communication will return to its home sign of Gemini. Get ready for a shift in communication skills where witty banter, a desire to know a little about everything, and being easily distracted become the name of the game. Also, the transit of Mercury in Gemini will bring the second Mercury retrograde period of 2021. With Mercury in its home sign of Gemini, this upcoming Mercury retrograde is likely to be experienced more potently. Read on for more information about Mercury’s trip through Gemini.

Mercury Comes Home to Gemini

When Mercury transits the sign of Gemini, this is the proverbial coming home for Mercury as this is its home sign. Gemini is the forever communicator always ready to gather information and share it with others. Gemini doesn’t like being bored, and this often leads to being the proverbial “busy body.” Always involved in many things at one time. Because of the multi-focused nature of Gemini, there is the saying that Gemini is often the jack of all trades but the master of none. Gemini energy gets so caught up on experiencing every little thing that it never takes time to learn about any one thing in depth.

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