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A Force Of Love: Your Sun Sextile Saturn Horoscope


In astrology, a sextile is a brief flirtation between two planetary aspects that are typically in opposition. On March 31 the Sun in Aries will brush shoulders with Saturn in Aquarius, urging us to initiate change through leadership. This is an overall positive time, but each astrological sign will be affected differently.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)
The Sun is shining on you, Aries, as you move through your natal season. You’ve come through a number of trials and setbacks, and undergone a significant personal evolution in the process. Saturn is the time-wizened father figure warning us to tread with caution and humility, and while this brush-up with the Sun may feel like a rainstorm on your parade, it can also be a teachable moment.

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