Astrological Signatures of Scandals

Did you know that there is an astrological link to scandals? Have you ever wondered about the energetic patterns that are associated with famous celebrities being hit with all types of allegations and hard times? Well, there are planetary energies associated with scandals where all of the things that we’ve done in the past come back to haunt us. Continue to read on to find out more about the makings of a scandal astrology style.

Scandals From An Astrological View

Every event from birth to death as well as the pleasant and unpleasant moments of life is marked by an astrological imprint. These imprints are imbued with planetary energies that determine the nature of specific events. In the case of scandals, there are specific planetary energies that are common when individuals go through a scandalous event in their lives. When we think of scandals, it’s usually something that blindsides the person in question. As further digging is done about the scandal, usually there is some type of previous behavior or action that returns to the individual to be addressed. The only thing about scandals is that the information brought up is usually done for all the public to see. Thus, when individuals go through scandals, there are specific planetary energies, usually with astrological transits to the natal planets which result in the revealing of hidden information about an individual to the public.

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