September 23, 2020 Marks a New Moon Phase

September 23, 2020 is the waxing crescent moon. The waxing phase is on the way to fullness, and you may feel a push from the cosmos to get started on projects and to finish up things you may have started during a point of lower energy.

Luna Doesn’t Linger

2020 has not lacked for challenges. One of the biggest problems for those who respond to the pull of Luna is that there are roadblocks everywhere. Our normal paths may have become overgrown with weeds of uncertainty. If you’re not sure where to put your waxing energy, take a look at what is working in your life. Are you working from home effectively? What can you do to increase this energy flow, get more done, and demonstrate your reliability to your employer or your clients? Growth generally doesn’t happen when things are going great; it’s easy to just keep on keeping on. Adversity promotes growth.

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