Moving in Your Feelings with Mars in Cancer


Mars, the planet of action, will move into the sign of Cancer from April 23 to June 11. Mars, being active, straightforward energy, makes adjustments when transiting the sign of Cancer due to Cancer’s indirect approach to getting where it desires. This transit will have us deeply motivated by our feelings, and there are likely to be instances where issues with power impact the ways in which we navigate. Get ready to move forward on your path in an indirect way…like a crab with Mars in Cancer.

Mars Transits Cancer: What to Expect
There are a few characteristics that are associated with Mars in Cancer energy. Because Mars rules how we act and what motivates us, it is important to understand how the sign of Cancer navigates this experience. Generally, Mars in Cancer is not an outwardly forward sign, but this doesn’t mean that Cancer doesn’t have its eye on a destination. Cancer keeps its motivations under wraps which means that it doesn’t outwardly express where it is going, but it will get there…in its own way. Consider the movement of a crab which just so happens to be the symbol of Cancer. Crabs move sideways to get to where they want to be. Thus, it may appear that they are moving in one direction, but in reality, they are headed someplace else.

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