Why Pisces Is Known As The Cosmic Mirror

Pisces has the unique ability of reflectivity. They pick up on the energies around them, absorb them, and in many cases reflect back what they have received. This ability can be very difficult to deal with because of the empathic nature of Pisces. Pisces often pick up on things that are not their own. Furthermore, because Pisces lacks boundaries they are more likely to take on the energies of other people which can lead to everything from reflection to projection. There is an important reason why Pisces is known as the cosmic mirror, and it has a lot to do with Pisces’ understanding that you are everything and everything is you.

Pisces As The Cosmic Mirror
Just imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror. What exactly do you see? Do you see yourself for what you really are, or do you see or imagine yourself as something different? Now, just imagine that you are a walking mirror everywhere you go, and when other people look at you they see a reflection of themselves. Again, ask yourself what exactly will be reflected back if you encountered this human mirror.

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