Restructuring with Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

From May 23rd through October 10th, the planet of discipline, accountability, and responsibility, Saturn, will go retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn in the sign of Aquarius is asking us to be responsible for how we deal with our freedom, humanitarian issues, and our relationship with the collective. Saturn’s trek through Aquarius is meant to help us have more responsibility in relation to our position with all of humanity.

The sign of Aquarius moves in its own way and oftentimes it is not understood by those that feel threatened by a progressive. Everything that we have built thus far under Saturn in Aquarius will go through a review during the Saturn retrograde period. It’s time to really consider whether or not we are building in a manner that is in alignment with the progressive, outside-the-box energy that Aquarius has been granting us. Are we really moving along into the age of Aquarius and channeling everything that represents, or will this Saturn retrograde transit bring up issues that need to be addressed so that we can truly integrate the energy of Aquarius in a practical, efficient manner?

Saturn Goes Retrograde

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