Neptune: The Path to Transcendence


Neptune is the nebulous planet that represents…well…that is still up for understanding, as Neptune energy is hard to pin down. Neptune is something beyond this physical experience. It is the subconscious and what motivates us beyond the seen and known. Neptune embraces all. There are no boundaries. It is the experience of walking between two worlds…one that is obviously physical, and the other that is beyond this physical realm. All the while, Neptune beckons us to be physical while also reaching for something that is much greater…something that is omnipresent and encompasses everything. In many ways, Neptune is the experience of what some refer to as transcendence where boundaries cease to exist, and everything is truly “One.”

Neptune & The Path to Completeness
Neptune is associated with Pisces the last sign of the zodiac. As the last sign, there is a weariness that is often associated with those born under this sign. Pisceans are often seen as being “spaced out” or “off in another world.” The spiritual realm, daydreams, and illusions are often preferred to the harsh reality of this physical realm. And yet, Pisces is here in this physical realm. But why?

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