The Zodiac Signs Everyone Loves to Hate

When it comes to the zodiac signs, they’re the ones that we love, and then they’re the ones that we love to hate. Let’s be honest, there are certain zodiac signs that everyone talks about negatively. It should be noted that not everyone hates specific zodiac signs. However, there are some people who just can’t stand certain people with particular zodiac signs, and they will even go as far as to avoid them due to their hatred. The following is an overview of the most hated zodiac signs. Continue to read on below to see if your sign made the list.

The Most Disliked Zodiac Signs

Starting off in the number one position is the Mars and Pluto ruled Scorpio. This is one of the signs that everyone truly does love to hate. Its magnetic aura and its infamous reputation as the sexy sign draw many people into its space. While there are many people that want to take Scorpio for a sexual test drive, there are other individuals who highly dislike Scorpio energy for a variety of reasons. Some people think Scorpio is highly manipulative because they keep a close guard of their own personal information while collecting information from others. There is also the infamous vengeful side of Scorpio where the infamous stinger is wielded to attack anyone that does them wrong. An additional reason why some people can’t stand Scorpio is that they think that they are obsessive and possessive. This is especially true for the more freedom-loving signs who don’t like the idea of someone thinking of them as a possession.

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