What Your Star Sign Says About the Right Career For You

Whether you’re a long-time fan of poring over astrological charts or are new to the concept of celestial influence, you are probably already familiar with the idea that star signs can have a particularly vital effect on our personality traits and by extension on our paths through life.

Fans of astrology might argue that the intensity and creativity of an Aries or a Pisces may lead someone born under one of those star signs towards an artistic vocation. (Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci were both Aries; Michelangelo was a Pisces.) Conversely, a deep potential for empathy combined with a practical nature may lead a Scorpio towards a career as a nurse or physician even while a creative streak leads them to pursue a separate vocation as an artist. (A Scorpio, the writer John Keats qualified in his youth as a surgeon but ultimately accomplished even greater things as a writer of lyrical poetry.)

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