Know Your Astro Love Profile With Venus, Mars, and Juno Signs


Have you ever wondered why it is sometimes difficult to get all of your needs met in a relationship? Perhaps you meet someone, and while you may have an emotional connection, maybe you aren’t sexually attracted. Perhaps you are sexually attracted to someone, but in your eyes, they definitely are definitely not marriage material. Astrology offers insight into the complexities of love, sex, and marriage. By studying specific planets and asteroid placements, we learn more about the who, what, and why associated with love, sexual attraction, and marriage.

Love, Sex, & Marriage…Astro Style
Love is complicated at times. Ideally, we want to have someone that we would consider perfect for us. Someone who is mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually compatible. However, nothing in life is perfect, and that includes our romantic partners. If we are fortunate enough to meet someone that checks all of our boxes, it really is a dream come true. In reality, many people compromise when it comes to love and relationships.

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