What Scares You the Most According to Your Zodiac Sign and Why?


Fear… all of us live with it, and we all have to learn how to navigate it. In astrology, the planet Saturn rules what we fear. Learning more about what frightens us allows us to understand where our fears come from and how we can effectively move beyond these fears. Continue to read on to learn more about the greatest fears of each zodiac sign.

Saturn & Its Connection to Fear
It should come as no surprise that the planet Saturn rules fear in astrology. Additionally, Saturn is the planet that represents limitations. It is the planet that keeps us in check and under control. When we think about fears, they are an element either real or imagined that causes some form of ill feelings in us which ultimately impact our perception of our realities. Dusk, in order to get a handle over our fears oh, we have to understand what those fears are and where they originated from.

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