Prepare for Your Solar New Year with Your Astrological Resting Month


The month before your birthday is what is called the astrological resting month. In many ways, this is your own little 12th house journey before you begin a new solar year which occurs during your birthday month. The month before your birthday is considered a wind-down period. It is during this time that you are encouraged to reflect deeply on the happenings of the ending solar year so that you may prepare yourself for the upcoming energies of your new solar new year. The following are more details on the importance of the astrological resting month and how you can make the most of your astrological resting month so that you ultimately make the most of your new solar year by taking the time to reflect on the previous year’s experiences.

The Astrological Resting Month
Astrologers consider the month before your birthday to be your astrological resting month. In many ways, this is your own personal 12th house. If you know anything about the 12th house, this is where the link between the physical world and the spiritual realm exists. Ruled by the sign Pisces and its ruler Neptune, the 12th house is where you are actually between two worlds. You are neither fully in the physical world because you haven’t been born yet, but you are also no longer in the spiritual realm having left Oneness to be born into the physical. The 12th house is the womb of the mother. It is where we prepare to be born. Because the 12 house is a very receptive, passive placement, in relation to your own natal chart, the house located before your sun placement represents another “12th house” experience. Thus, the month before your birthday, you are encouraged to lie low and wrap up your current solar year experience…similar to the concept of the 12th house experience of wrapping up life before heading back to the spiritual realm. In general, you can consider the month before your birthday as the “December” of your own personal solar year.

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