Juno in Capricorn: Preparing For Commitment and Becoming Your Authentic Self

The asteroid of relationships, marriage, and commitment passing through the sign of hard work and determination will bring stability to those already on its track and a bit more work for everyone else. In other words, what you need to work on in order to make a good partnership, whether you’ve met your significant other or not, will come up this November 14 when Juno enters Capricorn.

All About Juno

You may not have heard of Juno, so let’s dive into what this asteroid represents in astrology. In Roman mythological canon, Juno is the goddess of marriage and the wife of Jupiter, ruler of all the gods. In Greek mythology, her name is Hera, and she is married to Zeus. The nature of her proximity to the ruler of the gods is a large part of her archetypal energy, as all gods and goddesses are determined by their relationship to Zeus or Jupiter and how they ‘serve’ the ruler of the gods. Mercury, or Hermes, for example is Zeus’ messenger, and because of this he represents communication. Apollo was assigned by Zeus the task of bringing the Sun into the sky each morning, and because of this he became very significant to both the Greeks and Romans and had cults of his own. Indeed, the sun sign being the most significant in the native’s astrological birth chart is representative of the importance of the sun in life itself as well as the importance of Apollo in the Greco-Roman pantheon. Thus, Juno as the wife of the archetype of authority represents marriage. She is also considered a protector of women, and in both Greco-Roman mythology she helped or aided many women, some of whom were victims of her own husband.

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