Why The Age of 25 Matters According to Astrology

Oh, the dread that is associated with turning 25. While the quarter-life crisis is usually not as significant as the coming of age and maturity associated with the Saturn return at the ages 28 to 30, make no mistake about it that turning 25 hits a lot of people pretty hard. It’s at 25 that many begin to realize that they are no longer the epitome of youth. The twenties are halfway gone, now there is the steady trek towards 30. For some, 25 is a time of achievements and finally getting some footing professionally and romantically. For others, 25 marks a time of questioning one’s life path and existence. Continue to read on to find out more about what some call the mid-quarter life crisis through an astrological perspective.

The Mid-Quarter Life Crisis

There are some people who lament turning 25 because they see it as the end of their youth. For those who are older, this may sound quite comical. However, to a 20-something, 25 signals a shift in mindset quite literally. There are several reasons why the age of 25 is significant. In the realm of biology, this is the age at which the brain is fully developed. This says a lot in terms of how we as individuals process information as well as the decisions that many of us make during our 20s. If the brain doesn’t fully develop until 25, then it is quite likely that we aren’t really working with a “full deck” until well after the age of 25. In some cases, this is even questionable.

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