Game changing New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon occurs at 2°31′ of Aquarius, meaning that it has a fixed degree or aspect to all the other signs. It is also one of the four cardinal points and is considered an air sign. This means that whatever is happening in your life, You can do nothing about it. You have no power over it, and you cannot control anything about your fate- only time can tell for sure; as for now, be content with what you have and try not to worry too much about events outside your control by focusing on other things instead.


Horo is the name given to the Moon when it is waxing – that is, when it is moving from Moon to Moon. It gradually increases in light and wanes as it moves towards the Full Moon, then decreases in light until it reaches the point of the New Moon again. A horoscope is a map of at least the next two weeks and shows how your horo will change – whether you will be happy or sad, successful or not, so much so. It also indicates where any transits (astronomical events) will occur in your horo within that time frame.

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