Tuning Your Disposition with Astrology

Let’s face it. We all have character traits that aren’t exactly pleasant. At times, we let the less-than-stellar aspects of our personalities outshine some of the more positive aspects of ourselves. We are all human. It happens. The following is a read on the character adjustments that are suggested for all of the zodiac signs. This is all in good fun in the hopes of helping us identify the aspects of ourselves that are a bit trying. Continue to read on to find out what type of attitude adjustment you require based on your zodiac sign.

Aries-Temper Tantrum City

Aries is first, and it should come as no surprise that sometimes they can be a bit hot-tempered. This often results in angry outbursts that can remind you of a two-year-old having an epic meltdown. Now, don’t go shaming Aries about their brash, angry ways. They are ruled by the planet Mars and because of this, they can be violent and temperamental when things don’t go their way. Nevertheless, acting like a full-grown baby is not cute, Aries. It may be a character trait that you may want to consider refining so that you can find a mature way to handle frustrations.

Taurus-Stubborn as a Bull

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