A Thanksgiving Astrological Review

Make the Most of Thanksgiving with Astrology


This Thursday, November 25, 2020, is officially Thanksgiving. While this holiday of gratitude may look a bit different this year, the stars align to allow us the opportunity to make the most of this upcoming long weekend if we choose to do so. The following is an overview of the astrological energies for Thanksgiving Day.

Ambition on Pause
Since so many people traditionally spend Thanksgiving with family and close friends, the moon’s position and aspects are important. The moon will be in the fiery, go-getting sign of Aries for most of the day. Aries energy likes to get going and enjoys being first. Competition can also be in the air. However, the moon in Aries will make a tense square aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. We may all feel the need to get moving with Aries, but taskmaster Capricorn is likely to place limitations on our ambitious plans. Don’t let this get you down. Although the Aries energy may have us feeling frustrated with the limitations that are currently being imposed, take a couple of deep breaths and make the most of the day. Remind yourself what Thanksgiving is truly about…gratitude. It’s probably best to just chill out for the day to avoid becoming upset over things that don’t go your way.

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