The Ways Aries Makes An Awesome Lover & Friend

The Martian, fiery Aries has traits that make them one of the best friends and lovers anyone could ever ask for. With their can-do attitudes, willingness to stick up for themselves, and forward-moving, risk-taking ways, if you’re looking for someone who will support you in taking charge of your life, whether they be a friend or lover, Aries is definitely the one you want by your side.

Aries As A Great Friend

We all need that one friend that is willing to tell us how it is with no chaser. Aries provides this and then some. While they may not be the most empathetic in terms of sappy emotional displays, if Aries decides that you are a good friend, they’ve got your back. In fact, this is the one zodiac sign that will even fight for their friends because Aries is ruled by Mars which governs battles and wars. Aries can be competitive and even a bit of a sore loser when they’re still in their immature stages, but this competitive nature helps both you and them become the best versions of yourselves. Aries is honest, direct, straightforward, and always encourages you to stand on your own two feet which is why an Aries friend is good to have around.

The Swift Loving Aries Partner

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