Coming Home to Ourselves with Cancer Season

On June 20th, the sun will transition into the sign of Cancer. It’s time for us to get into our feelings and come back home to our roots and most importantly to ourselves. Synced with the summer solstice, the sun’s entry into the sign of Cancer beckons us to the emotional plane as we are encouraged to explore who we are as well as to connect deeply with others. During this time, we may be thinking about how we can make changes without being direct. Just like the crab, it is very likely we will adopt indirect approaches to getting to where we want to be. The cloak of lunar energy, empathy, and the exploration of deep feeling emotions bring us home to those we love dearly as well as to ourselves.

Cancer Season is Here!

With the sun’s entry into the sign of Cancer, we navigate from the airy, mentally-focused energy of Gemini to a slower, more fluid energy that delves into the emotional realm with the sign of Cancer. As the first water sign, Cancer is deeply connected to his emotions, and they are not afraid to show them. Ruled by the moon, Cancer’s emotional state is prone to fluctuations that many would refer to as being moody. The moon changes signs every two and a half days which also causes a shift in Cancer’s personal energy imprint. Thus, during this Cancer season, it’s important to take note of the lunar cycles and how they impact us individually and collectively. This is particularly true for anyone that has heightened Cancer and/or lunar energy in their charts such as the sun, moon, rising sign as well as personal planets. Likewise, exploring the lunar phases such as waxing, waning, full, and new moon as well as the different quarters can provide information on how lunar energy will be impacting us.

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