Abundant Love & Finances with Venus in Leo Trine Jupiter in Aries

Ooh-la-la…love is in the air and finances are at their best as the planet of love, relationships, and finances Venus, meets the planet of abundance, Jupiter in Aries in a lovely harmonious trine aspect. We have a lot of fiery energy here working well together making us desire all that love and finances offer in the most positive, passionate way. This is an excellent time to enjoy the good things in life courtesy of Venus and Jupiter playing nice in the cosmos.

Romance is in the Air

What’s a Venus in Leo transit without a little romance? Since Venus in Leo is playing nice with Jupiter in Aries, we can expect an abundance of romance. In fact, the Venus trine Jupiter transit is one of the most celebrated astrological energies because of the abundance that comes from enjoying the good things in life courtesy of Venus and Jupiter.

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