The Zodiac Signs Who Enjoy Galentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while romantic love is usually celebrated, there is also the agape love that we have for our friends. All too often when people get into relationships they tend to abandon their friendships, but thanks to Galentine’s Day now we have space to love the special friends in our lives. While anyone can celebrate Galentine’s Day, there are some zodiac signs that are far more likely to enjoy this friendly love day than others. In fact, some zodiac signs may prefer Galentine’s Day over Valentine’s Day! Check out the zodiac signs that are all for showing love to their friends.

It should come as no surprise that Gemini is definitely ready to spend a day loving their friends. Catching up on gossip with good food and drinks, Gemini, there is lots of fun to be had with your friends on love day. In fact, if you haven’t had a chance to connect with your friends, spending Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day with your friends can be a great option…especially if you aren’t in a committed relationship.

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